Pupil Council

The Pupil Council members are responsible for helping to make decisions regarding various matters within the school.

Committee Members:

  • Chairperson: Miss Dickson
  • P2 representatives: Louise Munro/Emma Lewis
  • P3 representatives: Amy McGhee/Aidan Crawford/Jack Crombie
  • P4 Representatives: Euan McDougall/Abi Hammerman
  • P5 representatives: Lucy Henderson/David Morrison
  • P6 representatives: Sophie Marshall/Kerr McLean
  • P7 representatives: Nicole Findlay/Lee Richardson

Dates for Meetings:

  • Wednesday 19th September 10.45am
  • Wednesday 24th October 10.45am
  • Wednesday 21st November 10.45am
  • Wednesday 19th December 10.45am
  • Wednesday 16th January 10.45am
  • Wednesday 13th February 10.45am
  • Wednesday 13th March 10.45am
  • Wednesday 17th April 10.45am
  • Wednesday 15th May 10.45am
  • Wednesday 12th June 10.45am 

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